Ending Of Breaking Bad Explained (2023)

1. 'Breaking Bad': Creator Vince Gilligan explains series finale | EW.com

  • Jun 29, 2022 · [SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading if you have not watched the finale of Breaking Bad, titled "Felina." This story contains discussion of major plot ...

  • 'Breaking Bad': Creator Vince Gilligan explains series finale

2. Breaking Bad Ending Explained: Guess I Got What I Deserved

  • Apr 6, 2022 · The "breaking bad" of the title is the story of 50-year-old Walter White (Bryan Cranston) as he wrestles with illness, his ego, and Mexican ...

  • The special love I had for you, my baby blue.

3. How Did Breaking Bad End, Again? - Refinery29

  • Oct 10, 2019 · In the final season of Breaking Bad, Walter's drug dealing identity was discovered by his DEA brother-in-law Hank (Dean Norris), which ...

  • A quick refresher of everything that led up to Jesse Pinkman's escape in an El Camino on "Breaking Bad."

4. We Finally Understand The Ending Of Breaking Bad - Looper

  • Jul 3, 2019 · "Felina," the finale episode of Breaking Bad, is basically a victory lap for Walt. He gets to accomplish everything that he left his mountain ...

  • Breaking Bad is one of the best shows in TV history, and after five seasons, it led to an ending that people still talk about today. But if you need a helping hand to understand that final episode, well then, let's cook.

5. How Breaking Bad Ended: A Refresher Before El Camino - Collider

  • Oct 10, 2019 · Completely broken, Jesse resigns himself to cooking meth for the neo-Nazis until he dies. breaking-bad-season-5-episode-16 Image via AMC.

  • Before you watch Netflix's El Camino, brush up on how Breaking Bad ended and the fates of Walt, Jesse, and the rest of the characters.

6. Breaking Bad Ending Explained, Breaking Bads Ending Review - News

  • Mar 13, 2023 · In the final episode of Breaking Bad, Walter White steals a car and returns to New Mexico to seek revenge and right his wrongs. He surprises ...

  • Fans of Breaking Bad are very much eager to know the ending, plot, etc and if you are searching for it, then this article titled Breaking Bad ending explained would provide you with all the information.

7. Breaking Bad: The Real Meaning Behind The Series Finale Episode ...

  • Sep 8, 2019 · Breaking Bad is full of smart references and hidden meanings, and the episode title of the final episode is one of the best examples of this.

  • Breaking Bad's series finale has a secret meaning.

8. The Final Episode of 'Breaking Bad' Leaves One Question Unanswered

  • Sep 30, 2013 · After so many lugubrious turns, “Breaking Bad” came to an end on Sunday on an almost uplifting note. Walter White died, of course, but first he ...

  • After so many lugubrious turns, “Breaking Bad” came to an end on Sunday on an almost uplifting note. But perhaps the best thing about it was the series actually ended.

9. The Ending Of Breaking Bad Finally Explained | By Looper - Facebook

  • Duration: 6:47Posted: Aug 18, 2019

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

10. Breaking Bad series finale – TV review - The Guardian

  • Missing: explained | Show results with:explained

  • Rebecca Nicholson: The saga of meth mogul Walter White has finally reached its hotly anticipated conclusion. But did we get what we deserved?

11. 'Better Call Saul' Finale Explained - Hank Schrader and Walter White

  • Aug 16, 2022 · In the end, Better Call Saul accomplished exactly what it was supposed to: give Breaking Bad fans closure while expanding the universe deeper ...

  • 'Better Call Saul' ends the 'Breaking Bad' universe by clarifying these pressing questions answered.

12. The problem with "Breaking Bad's" finale | Salon.com

  • Sep 30, 2013 · He's not dead, he's martyred, having saved the day for the last time. Advertisement: "Breaking Bad" always had an interesting tension for the ...

  • Walt's redemption might satisfy viewers -- but it shouldn't. And it might damage the show's legacy


What happened at the end of Breaking Bad? ›

However, fans also had to watch most of their favorite characters meet grisly ends as Walter White's all-consuming quest to conquer the meth trade claimed many lives, including ultimately his own as Walt is killed in the Breaking Bad finale following his final act of revenge.

What happened to Skyler after Walt died? ›

When her life fell apart and Walt disappeared, Skyler lost her assets and moved in with her kids in a small apartment with a job as a taxi dispatcher. It was revealed that her sister, Marie, reached out for a truce, so it's likely that the two reconnected shortly after the series finale.

Who killed Walt at the end of Breaking Bad? ›

He's perfectly okay with Jesse shooting him ... but Jesse is done doing him favors, noting Walt's already bleeding out from the machine gun assault. That wound is what kills him. Nothing more, nothing less. And so it is that the last of the 200 deaths is his own.

Why was Walt bleeding at the end of Breaking Bad? ›

Jesse (Aaron Paul) managed to escape after he strangled Todd (Jesse Plemons), while Walt took one last walk around the meth lab. Walt was hit by a ricocheted bullet and the series ended with the antihero bleeding out on the ground.

Does Jesse still hate Walt in the end? ›

In the final scenes, Jesse refuses to kill Walter when handed a gun, and being fully aware that Walt was responsible for Jane's death, he parts ways with him; forgiveness is ambiguous.

Why did Walt want Jesse dead? ›

There is no doubt Walt intended to kill Jesse in that final confrontation, thinking Jesse was a complicit threat and voluntarily making the Blue meth for the gang. Walt went out of his way to maneuver Jesse in that room, to orchestrate his vengeance, and eliminate the final threats to his family's future.

Did Walter Jr get the money? ›

After Breaking Bad

In an interview, show creator Vince Gilligan confirmed that Walter Jr. eventually received his father's drug money through Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz, which he had arranged beforehand.

How much money did Walter White leave his son? ›

Walter used some of that money to escape town after he was almost captured. In the following months, he spent another lump from that money on gathering different supplies before he made his way back to Albuquerque. For his son, Walter left a sum of 9 Million dollars as a parting gift.

Did Skyler get the money after Walt died? ›

The $9.72 million and some change Walter White was able to salvage after being robbed of most of his drug money by Jack and his crew ended up with Walter Jr., not Skyler. By the end of the series, Skyler was so disgusted with herself and with Walter White that she would not have accepted that money for any reason.

Why does Walt become so evil? ›

A brilliant but underachieving chemist working as a high school science teacher, Walt is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, which spurs him on to use his chemistry knowledge to cook and sell crystal meth to provide for his family after his imminent death.

Is Walt 100% dead? ›

Yes." The Breaking Bad movie El Camino isn't Walt's story. It picks up where the show left off with Jesse. And while a Cranston cameo via flashback would be a welcome sight for fans, it's time to accept that Walter White is dead and focus on whether or not Jesse can avoid the same fate.

Who has Jesse Pinkman killed? ›

Breaking Bad & El Camino
CharacterMurders committed byMurders/Deaths connected to
Jesse PinkmanGale Boetticher Joaquin Salamanca Todd Alquist Neil Kandy CaseyHank Schrader Steven Gomez Andrea Cantillo
Hank SchraderTuco Salamanca Marco SalamancaNone
5 more rows

Was Walter smiling when he died? ›

White, portrayed by Bryan Cranston, is seen in the series finale “Felina” (which aired in September 2013) getting wounded by a machine gun before collapsing. He's seen smiling, otherwise motionless, as an officer takes his pulse.

Did Walt regret at the end? ›

Rae Torres of Collider felt this indicated that Walt's greatest regret was not leaving Gray Matter Technologies but rather his abusive treatment of Jesse throughout Breaking Bad, and served to contrast with Jimmy's inability to honestly answer his own question.

Why did Jesse betrayed Walt? ›

Jesse Went To The DEA

After realizing that it was Walt who poisoned Brock, Jesse went ballistic. He wanted to bring Walt to justice, even if it meant he has to confess to everything he had done up until that point as well. As a response to this betrayal, Walt put a hit out on Jesse's head.

What happened at the end of Breaking Bad to Walter? ›

Walter White Dies

He was badly injured from his gunshot wound, and he spent his precious final moments surrounded by all the machines and devices used to cook meth. It's where Walter always felt his best, and it's where he died. In the final shot, he is shown dead on the ground in the lab as the DEA approaches.

Where did Walt go at the end of Breaking Bad? ›

From there, Jesse climbed into a car and understandably sped away from the nightmare he'd been living. Walt, realizing that he'd been hit by one of the bullets, decided to die in the meth lab — surrounded by his beloved cooking machinery.

Did Walt's family get the money? ›

After the end of Breaking Bad, did Skyler White get the money Walter prepared for her? The $9.72 million and some change Walter White was able to salvage after being robbed of most of his drug money by Jack and his crew ended up with Walter Jr., not Skyler.

What happened to Walt and Jesse at the end of Breaking Bad? ›

It works, but results in Walter's accelerated death when he's shot with a stray bullet from the automatic-attack-gun-robot he's rigged as part of Jesse's rescue. Jesse jumps into an El Camino and drives away to freedom, shedding tears of joy, anguish, and general catharsis.


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